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Serendipity Vehicle — a concept from blogger/podcaster David Perell that I’ve really latched onto after hearing it for the first time this week. It’s simple and mind-blowing at the same time, like a lot of the best ideas.

Basically, the idea latches onto the realization that the best opportunities in life are unexpected. They come out of the blue like dumb luck. But to borrow another quip, they say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Lucky people get lucky by putting themselves in lucky situations. Putting themselves in the flight path of fortunate coincidences.

Creative projects like blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels are obvious examples of a serendipity vehicle. But so is the crowd we surround ourselves with. The cities we live in, and the ways we introduce and carry ourselves.

I know that’s true of the best things that have come along for me personally and professionally. Creating these “vehicles” is something I’d like to focus on more intentionally in the coming year. (if you didn’t already guess, this blog is a part of that) Hopefully I can synthesize some clearer and more actionable thoughts on this later.

Regardless, hopefully this short post is another pebble in the stream. The Serendipity Stream…flowing to…Preparation Pond, oh lord I need to cut myself off right there.

What are you working towards, and how can you be putting yourself in the path of serendipity?

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