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Beware the Good Old Days

I have a hard time trusting people who yearn for the good old days. It feels cheap.

It’s easy to wish for a time when it was easier (whatever it is). It’s seductive. In this case, I’m thinking about pursuing a career in music, but apply this type of thinking to every facet of life.

After all, if it used to be better, easier, more lucrative, then it’s not my fault things aren’t working out.

If the current system is less than ideal (which it is), then I’m off the hook and can’t be held accountable for not reaching my goals or fulfilling my potential.

This isn’t to say pull yourself up by your bootstraps. That reeks of privilege and it’s worth acknowledging that things aren’t fair. Everyone starts with a different set of advantages (or lack thereof).

With that disclaimer out of the way — don’t fall for the trap. Beware the good old days.

Ask yourself what’s in your locus of control.

Is the current system (any system) fair? No.
Can you change it? No.

Then your only remaining choices are to (a) bow out of the game (which is fine), or (b) to play with whatever set of rules we’re currently given make the most of them.

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  • Eric says:

    My high school Econ. teacher used to say “The only thing good about the good old days is you happened to be alive then.” 🙂

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